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A match made in heaven

Crumb + Pickle is a pop-up restaurant in St. John's, Newfoundland with a ties to the Farmers Market, Mickey's Sandwich Co., and interests in working with others - inside the city and beyond! See our portfolio to see past menus and collaborations!

Our philosophy is to treat veggies with all the respect they deserve - and more! Making them the star of the dish means you see your food in new light! Change is inevitable so we embrace it! We run a changing menu that might not see the same dish twice - or it might, who knows! It keeps us on our toes and we wouldn't have it any other way.

As hospitality veterans with a combined 16 years experience in the industry - our young team aspires to provide greatness in every experience. Attention to detail, efficiency, and uncompromised standards are at the core of our work and we believe that it shows!

Dive deeper into what we are doing on a day to day basis and

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Who's behind the veggies



Chef Extraordinaire



Host independent events in your restaurant space for dine in or takeout service, either to give you a break for a night or to use the space while you would normally be closed.


Putting the efforts of two teams into one kick-ass dine in or takeout service! Splitting the blood, sweat, and tears between us!


In-house or small venue catering for vegan and all other cuisines, check in with us to see if we can make miracles happen for you! Also suitable for small casual intimate dinners.


Getting the basics of vegan cooking down can be difficult - we wanna help you with that! Plus, it comes with dinner! Get in touch to find out pricing!


We provide veggie-forward vegan alternatives in a wholesale capacity for small businesses like ours! We are currently available in the east end at Simply For Life, and downtown at The Natural Vibe and Food for Thought. If you're a local retailer and wanna work with us, click here!


If you've got anything (and we mean ANYTHING) that might be a suitable fit for our business, let us know! We are dyin' to meet ya!  That includes venues seeking vendors, restaurants wanting to shake things up, or someone with a product we should be using!

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